Now located at 38 Harlow St. in Worcester, Massachustes, Lathergy began in a small Boston apartment. Samuel Lopez and his wife, Wendy Birdsong, founded the company on one simple idea: a return to the neglected process of handcrafting body-care products using natural ingredients. Our soaps offer a unique experience, a return to purity and traditional grooming practices. We all have to shower--couldn't we have a better time doing it? 

During our first year in business, we noticed that men had limited choices for natural body-care products. We began to produce small batches of shaving soaps, aftershaves, and soaps with smoky and earthy scents. At farmer’s markets and holiday fairs, our female customers bought enthusiastically for their men, and men snatched up the products just as enthusiastically for themselves. The people have spoken: The Men's Soap Shop is now a permanent branch of Lathergy.


Samuel Lopez has always longed for simpler times, when grooming rituals made the man. That nostalgia became a business. After completing a Masters in Economics at Boston University, Samuel decided to spread the gospel of smooth. With the help of his wife, an electrical engineer by day, he developed a line of all-natural products that return men to a time before plastic multi-blade cartridges and foam in a can.