Once upon a time, a man started the day by taking a proper razor, straight or double edge, to his face. Shaving was a deliberate exercise requiring skill and the right equipment. As life sped up in the twentieth century, men's grooming rituals began to revolve around disposable blades and plastic bottles. Boys stopped learning how to hone, strop, and polish a blade or brush on soapy lather. Classic shaving implements, however, are making a comeback: smooth men are demanding a smoother shave in the twenty-first century. It’s time to reacquaint ourselves with the morning rituals of our forefathers. Grab a badger-hair brush, work up a rich lather, and tell progress to peddle its wares elsewhere. With products that hearken back to the rituals of a simpler time, The Men's Soap Shop also remains committed to natural, organic ingredients.

Smooth is back...naturally.